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Anyone looking to move to a great location should look no further than the available luxury homes for sale in St Cloud, Minnesota. St Cloud has lots to offer it's residents and is located perfectly in this beautiful state. 


St Cloud, Minnesota is the third largest metropolitan city in Minnesota, and with this, expect there to be many available job opportunities. The St. Cloud Hospital and VA Medical Center are two of the top employers in the area. The State of Minnesota also has quite a few job positions available. Electrolux and ING Direct are two other employers that dominate the local job market. The median income for a family in the area is about $50,000 so it is a suitable community for all economic classes. 


For families with school age children, St. Cloud has a wide range of school options available, many of them some of the top ranking in the nation. Numerous public schools insure that your child can attend a school close to home. Also available, the area has a private school and a critically acclaimed charter school for those looking for something different. College age kids are in the right spot with St. Cloud State University, the largest in the state, right around the corner. There are also several smaller colleges and trade schools in the area. St. Cloud SAT scores are in the top 20 percent and the graduation rate is 5 percent better than the state average. 

Looking for pleasant temperatures? The climate in St. Cloud can't be beat. Many of the spring summer and fall months have ideal average temperatures of around 70 degrees. The winters are rarely extreme and even include a small amount of snow. This is perfect weather for all of the many outdoor activities that St. Cloud has to offer. The city has 95 total parks with all kinds of sports field and playgrounds. The Mississippi river flows right through St Cloud offering all kinds of fun water sports such as canoeing, kayaking, swimming, rafting, scuba diving, etc. There are many places to rent equipment to enjoy your day in the water. 


There are many other activities to do in St. Cloud such as mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, and many more. There is a zoo and several local farms that can offer you an up close animal experience. With all these things to do you and your family will never be bored! St. Cloud is a thriving art community and has many cultural events and festivals catering to the artistic and creative side of the population. The strong sense of community helps to bring everyone together to promote the creative side of the city. 


St. Cloud has several great communities that offer excellent housing options for all families. Safe neighborhoods and affordable housing are a great combination that makes moving here an easy decision. The great education options make it an even better choice for families with children. The cost of living in St. Cloud is lower than the national average making it a smart choice given the rough economic times our nation is facing right now. 


Low housing costs mean you don't have to break the bank. Many job options make it easy to quickly find employment. Safe neighborhoods and great school options make it a smart decision for those with kids. The beautiful lakes, serene woodlands and rolling farmlands give you a little bit of everything nearby. The beautiful climate and many activities will keep you entertained and enjoying the outdoors for years to come. To sum it up, there is no better place to look for your next home than St. Cloud, Minnesota.


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