How to Prepare for Listing Your Home

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Spring is here, the flowers are blooming, grass is turning green, and For Sale signs are landing in yards all around us.  The busiest season for Real Estate has arrived!  Many sellers think about listing their home and don't know where to start.  Thus, I created a quick to-the-point list to follow when getting ready to sell your home.

1. Curb Appeal!  This is the first impression someone has of your home and may determine whether then even go inside.  "Minor' changes such as putting a new front door on with a pop or color, pressure washing the house, putting fresh flowers in and cleaning up the lines between grass and flower beds.  Check out 20 ways to add curb appeal and get the buyers car to to not just stop, but to get them out and running in to see how good the inside must be!

Red Door

2. Simple is Better!  Simplify your home so the buyer can imagine themselves living there.  Keep the furniture to a minimum so you showcase the size of the rooms, the detail of the flooring, and people can envision their own furniture in your home.

3. De-Clutter! Remove everything that is not absolutely necessary to you at the time.  This just gets you a jump start on packing and can also help you to sort through.  Bookshelves should be about 50% full. Remove all empty coat hangers.  Put away non-seasonal clothing not in use.  Storage baskets are a great way to hid clutter.  Take everything off the kitchen counter tops except perhaps a nice appliance.  Hid bathroom 'yuckies' like toilet bowl cleaners and plungers.  No one thinks clean when looking at those items, even though we all have them.

4. Brighten up your House!  The more light the better.  Buyers like open and light filled rooms.  If you are using the energy efficient lightbulbs, try going back to regular light bulbs 70watts or higher.  If you have blinds, keep them open to let natural light inside.  If you have dark curtains, take them down so the room feels bigger and lighter.

5. Be Scent Conscience!  One of the biggest turnoffs is a home that smells funny. Caldrea is one of the best product lines I have used that privdes delicious scents that people ask about when entering a home.


Using these steps with the additional advice of your real estate agent specific to your home, you can be sure to impress even the pickiest of buyers.  A first impression goes a long way in life, but in Real Estate it is often your only impression, so make it last!  Good luck!

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