Citrus Heights Short Sale/ 7996 Copperwood Dr./ Short Sale Specialist

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Citrus Heights Short Sale / 7996 Copperwood Dr. / Short Sale Specialist

Citrus Heights Home For SaleOur latest approved Citrus Heights Short Sale is 7996 Copperwood Dr. With every home being sold there are ups and there are downs. But getting through them is the ultimate test. This Golden One Credit Union FHA loan required multiple escalations direct to HUD/FHA. None the less, after receiving authorization to participate, we received our approval in just 28 days. People generally ask how we do it, and the only thing to always remember is…be persistent and never take no for an answer.

If this sounded like the perfect Citrus Heights home or investment property for you don’t worry we have others. Check out what’s available in the below home search.

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As a Citrus Heights Short Sale Specialist we know the ins and outs of Citrus Heights Short Sales. Having worked with all the major servicers like OcwenWells Fargo and Chase, plus most of the other servicers such as GreentreePNCUS Bank and others, not to mention all types of Citrus Heights Short Sales including FHAVA and HELOC seconds we understand what the banks and investors such as Fannie and Freddie are looking for. Yes, there is a difference in Citrus Heights Short Sale Agents. Make sure you make the right choice.

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To get a better idea of when your Citrus Heights home will be worth what you owe, log in to for a free estimate or call me today for a free no obligation consultation or for the latest Citrus Heights short sale information. Call me today and sleep better tonight; you’ll be glad you did.

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