Does social media help gain clients?

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Over the past three years I have had a social media presence.  I have a fair amount of followers and have engaged on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  I have been trying to get engaged on Google+, read Chris Brogan's book, but I’m still struggling there a bit.

Now, if you haven't guessed, I am in the luxury real estate business.  Last year I had the opportunity to speak at a luxury real estate conference put on by Hawaii Life called the Worthshop and was asked a very direct question about social media and how it plays in the role of my business.

My answer was that we use social media, but I did not feel that our clients use social.  I have been of the opinion that most of our clients do not want to be found on the internet, never mind in social media.

Marc Davison (@1000wattmarc) from 1000 Watt Consulting mentioned in the same conference that he was not sure about my opinion.  Marc has referred one of his closest friends to us to sell their property.  Marc said that much of the discussion was happening on Facebook.

Well, I am here to say that I have my first personal success story on how I was able to use social media to gain a client.  We had an auction this past week for 265 Abrahams Lane, Villanova, PA.  Our on-site staff had a prospect through the house multiple times, but the prospect failed to give their contact information and asked to just be contacted through their real estate agent.

The final night before the auction we had not heard back from the real estate agent and really felt that the prospect was missing their chance to own the property for a price they would be happy with.

I was able to locate the prospect on LinkedIn.  I have an upgraded account — If you don't have one, you should pay the fee and get one.  Using the upgraded account features, I was able to e-mail the prospect through LinkedIn directly.

The prospect e-mailed me back with a phone number the next morning, registered for the auction and was the high bidder at the sale that evening. 

He was very thankful, and his children came to the property that evening and couldn't have been more excited about the home they just purchased.

As for myself, I finally felt a sense of accomplishment with my social media presence.  I have asked time and time again for agents that are engaged in social to describe direct examples of what has worked.  Unfortunately, I had never heard one, but can sit here and tell you that I now have one for myself.

I am excited and rejuvenated by the experience.


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Laura Cerrano
Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island - Locust Valley, NY
Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher

I have to say that It does gain me attention if I don't spam like a robot.


Love and light,


Apr 24, 2013 12:23 PM
Paula McDonald, Ph.D.
Beam & Branch Realty - Granbury, TX
Granbury, TX 936-203-0279
I haven't upgraded in Linked In but will look into this. Thanks for the tip
Apr 24, 2013 12:28 PM
Jimmy Faulkner
Florida. Homes Realty & Mortgage - Wantagh, NY
The Best Of St. Augustine

I will take your advice on Linkendin. It has been told to me to do this along with Goggle Plus. I am trying to get some prescence on the internet by using the tecniques that I gain on Active Rain.

Apr 24, 2013 12:29 PM
Joan Whitebook
BHG The Masiello Group - Nashua, NH
Consumer Focused Real Estate Services

This is a very intersting post.  I think there are a lot of benefits of using social media.  As for Google+, I'm trying to get up to speed.

Apr 24, 2013 12:39 PM
Mike Russo
Concierge Auctions - New York, NY


I have been working at Google Plus myself, but really have tried to limit the digital channels I focus on.  I just have found that with agents and clients they all seem to be on Facebook and LinkedIn respectively.

My goal is to focus on where my audience is at.  I have also been taking the Digital Channel class through Chris Brogan.  It has been quite a big help to get focused.

Apr 24, 2013 12:41 PM
Yoni Miller
Advanced Commission - Boca Raton, FL

I think social media does a few things. One important part is it helps grow your online presence and legitimacy. If somebody searches your name on a search engine and nothing shows up, I don't think they will be enticed on using your service. Yet, if they search your name and they see you active on social media and other various sites it may help them realize you are a legitimate agent. 

I also think it has the potential to bring new clients via direct communication. And, it simply helps you stay informed on what is going on in your industry.

I don't think this means you should sit on any social media 24/7 and say you are "working" but maybe make a post or two when you have a few minutes to spare. 

Apr 24, 2013 01:14 PM
Bill Reddington
Re/max By The Sea - Destin, FL
Destin Florida Real Estate

I also have mixed emotions. A friend who makes money educating people to social media says Google + is a necessity. Does 1 success justify the effort?

Apr 24, 2013 01:15 PM
Mike Russo
Concierge Auctions - New York, NY

I agree that you shouldn't being doing 24/7, but social media isn't any different then any other business plan.

There is a great guest blog post on Bill Gassett's blog that I read recently, might want to check it out.

Apr 24, 2013 10:05 PM