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I know how Buyers and Sellers feel. It just makes you want to shout, " Hello are You There! " You just wonder sometimes. Here is my steam blowing dilemma.

A few weeks ago I took a BPO order which was to be an interior inspection with photo's. Now you may or may not know but the companies that send out these orders hope that you will be able to accomplish the task and get the order back to them in 2 or 3 days.  Now the subject property was currently on the market as a Short_Sale listing with  my point of contact to gain entry being the listing agent.

After reviewing the listing I also notice that there is an Agent's assistant as well with there telephone number listed. So after giving the listing agent a call and getting no answer I gave the assistant a call. Seemed like a nice enough person but did not have a clue about the property I was calling on. Before hanging up though she recommended that I email the listing agent, for according to her it would be the fastest way as he does not answer his phone calls.

Fine enough I sent him an email. 3 days later I decided to give his office a call. Just like the assistant they seemed to be clueless but said they would send him an email asking to return my call. Obviously he does not appear to like talking with people.

Later that day the elusive agent calls me. Before we can even begin talking about why I called he took the time to explain the rules on how to communicate effectively with him.

Don't ever call my office looking for me nor call my assistants. If you want to talk to me then call my cell number it is the best way. I assured him I would be happy to call him but so far I had left him voice mails on his cell phone and by email and only was able to talk to him after going through the office. He assured me that would not happen again.

I set the appointment to get in and thought that would be the end of it. Boy was I wrong. After following his instructions for entry I was met by one of the largest Dogs I have ever seen behind the Gate. The dog was running free so I abandoned my hope to gain entry at that moment and picked up my trusty Cell phone to get the Agent. Disappointment gripped me as I found myself once again leaving a message.

But true to the agents words he called me back even though it was almost an hour later. So we set another appointment for a couple hours later with the Owner of the property. I showed up 15 minutes early and stayed 20 minutes late but the Owner was a no show.

Now this agent already has a sale pending on this Short_Sale and needs to have me perform the BPO so that they can move forward so I am hoping for some help. Yet when I call him he only says that does not seem like his Seller who he claims has been very helpful throughout the listing and offer. I ask that when he can confirm that the Seller will be there please to let me know and I will drop what I am doing and make the appointment.

That was almost 2 weeks ago. I have never heard from the agent again even though I still leave him messages daily in a polite manor asking that he please just return my calls.  But not a peep.

Julie A. Black
KAUAI DREAMS REALTY Kauai Real Property Specialist - Kapaa, HI
CLHMS, CRS, GRI, Realtor, Broker

Although the agent seemed difficult it is probably because the seller doesn't really want to sell, they probably just want to stall foreclosure. I would let the BPO company know, that access is not being granted.

May 06, 2013 03:42 PM
Herb Hamilton
RE/MAX Preferred Inc. Realtors - Portland, OR
Real Estate Broker ,CDPE, Downtown Portland

Thanks Julie for the comment.

THe Amazing thing to me is how unprofessional the agent is by not even returning my calls. THe order is still in my que waiting for action to be taken.

I did recieve an automatic request to link up with the agent via Linkedin. He did have time for that.

May 07, 2013 12:22 AM