Things to know when you're making the move to Philadelphia

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Here are some tips you should know when moving to Philly. Your first year in a new city can be confusing. Hopefully these tips will shed some light on what to expect when moving to town. 

1. If you’re going to be driving in philly, be careful of where you park. The Philadelphia parking authority is notorious for ticketing constantly. (They even have a TV show: Parking wars!)

2. It is freezing in the winter and hot in the summer. Philadelphia has a 4 season climate, but sometimes it feels like theres only 2 seasons: Winter and Summer. Today (4/8/2013) would be a great example. 2 days ago it was freezing and today is is sunny and almost 80 degrees! So make sure you always have out both your winter and summer apparel. 

3. Philadelphia is a very dog friendly city

4. Although Philly is a fashionable city, it’s still a very comfortable city. You can typically wear shorts and flip flops to most places throughout the city.

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