Simply Staging Solutions offers Homeowners Hope For Selling in Whatcom County

The competition to sell your home in Whatcom County is building.  A month ago only 2-5 new listings were appearing everyday.  The last week the numbers have been shocking, 20-30 new listings every single day!!

In order to make your house stand out above all the others is to have it professionally staged.  Staging will help to ensure your house appeals to a great many potential buyers.  This is an absolute neccessity in today's buyers market.

Simply Staging Solutions offers various staging packages to appeal to all Homeowners and their pocketbooks. 

Staging is a very small investment to help sell your home more quickly and for the best price possible.  Statistics prove that Staged Homes sell up to 50% faster and for 6-10% more than non-staged homes.  Not to mention the small cost of staging is quickly recouped by the faster sale. 

Contact me today to schedule your consultation!  (360) 393-1109

I am offering a Spring Offer of $99 until March 25th!  This includes a 2 hour consultation as well as a detailed Top Ten Priority Report for those do it yourself homeowners!  This is a $250 value!

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