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A B.C. couple says they were tricked into buying an unlivable house.

Great article by the CBC.

You must watch this video.

You may have already noticed that this is one of reasons I ALWAYS recommend that buyer’s have their own independent realtor representation. A realtor, aka Pit Bull, who treats your money like it’s their own. The sellers agent works for the seller not you. Let’s put it this way, if you were going to trial for legal matters would you feel comfortable being defended by the prosecuting attorney.

Buyers are always well advised to obtain their own personal representation…It’s basic “buying 101.”

I don’t know who the inspector was on this purchase, but the inspectors I refer are the BEST in the industry. More importantly, they work for YOU, NOT the realtor.

I suspect the ball was dropped in a BIG way here when it came to this real estate transaction in Kelowna.

These headaches can be avoided very easily. Remember, I’m only a mouse click call away.

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