White Bear Lake Water Level

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Committee pitches 6 solutions to the White Bear Lake water level.

White Bear Lake Water Level


  • Augment with surface water from the St. Paul Regional Water Service (SPRWS).

Water would come from the Mississippi River. Cost is a factor and before it’s considered feasible, an ideal connection point and route for transmission and filtering out invasive species need to be determined.

  • Augment with commercial discharge water.

Water from Morningside Foods uses groundwater for non-contact cooling and discharges a large volume into Goose Lake. This water would be rerouted into adjacent White Bear Lake.

  • Maximize efficiency of pump use for wells adjacent to lake.

This reduces the use of the aquifer in some areas, which will reduce the rate of water leaking from White Bear Lake. Some wells in the northeast metro area have more impact than other wells. An additional U.S. Geological Survey study would be needed.

  • Utilize existing wells in the Mt. Simon Hinckley aquifer during summer months.

Some communities, Forest Lake and White Bear Lake for example, have existing wells in this aquifer. It is protected by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources but it may be possible to use existing wells during summer months to minimize impacts on the lake that result from using wells in the Prairie du Chien-Jordan. This could be implemented immediately.

  • Convert the northeast metro area to SPRWS surface water as the primary water source.

Aquifers may not be able to meet future needs of the northeast metro and the SPRWS could provide treated water. An inlet is currently in place. It currently services the city of Maplewood so the system is close to the city of White Bear Lake.

This White Bear Press wrote the article that this information came from. Another great resource for additional information on the White Bear Lake water level is the White Bear Lake Restoration Association's (WBLRA) website located here. This article explains devastating facts that will hopefully come to an end soon:

  • White Bear Lake water level is now down to a record low level of 919 feet, which is 5 feet below the original water level of approximately 925. This report from the DNR can be viewed here.
  • According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) they acknowledged that precipitation alone will not solve this water level problem.
  • Water levels were supposed to have been monitored by the DNR but they failed to do so.
  • The DNR still hasn't done anything to help out the lake, and because of this the WBLRA (White Bear Lake Restoration Association) is suing the DNR under the MERA act to help force a solution in a timely manner.

It's important that this lake level problem gets addressed and resolved! As the White Bear Lake water level continues to drop, the lake is more susceptible to Eurasian Milfoil and other aquatic issues. Businesses in downtown White Bear have been affected as well as lakeshore property owners. The lawsuit is being handled pro-bono by Mike Ciresi and Jan Conlin from Kaplan, Robbins, Ciresi Law Firm. Donate to WBLRA to help this cause and hopefully we can get our valuable natural resource back to its original beauty. If you would like a better understanding of how your home's price may be affected given the status of the White Bear Lake water level, please give me a call.


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