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New group: Warren Buffett Fan Club

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In hopes of not encumbering an appropriate manner of presenting a newly formed group for introduction and solicitation for membership, I would like to introduce what I have just created, the "Warren Buffett Fan Club" group. I invite anyone remotely interested in this individual to visit the group's home page and read what I have posted there, and hopefully join the group and begin posting a comment or two in reference to a person who I respectfully consider to be a phenomenal individual. I am truly impressed with this guy and would like to see just how his persona, life style and investment philosophy grapples with fellow ActiveRainers....


Lance Winslow
The Car Wash Guy - Malibu, CA
Terry, great group idea. I am very interested in anything you have to say about Warren Buffet, having read his essays, and read his annual report each year, even have friends who have met him in Nebraska, the Oracle from Omaha is full of common sense and wisdom. More folks should listen. I have joined your group and posted an article that I had made previously. Lance
Feb 07, 2008 08:06 PM
Bill Roberts
Brooks and Dunphy Real Estate - Oceanside, CA
"Baby Boomer" Retirement Planner

Terry, Buffett, like most Billionaires is a left wing nut. Maybe he has made a lot of money with his mutual fund (Berkshire Hathaway) and his insurance company but I don't think I want to listen to him expound on anything.

Bill Roberts

Feb 08, 2008 03:55 AM
Terry Kuehn
Family Real Estate Services, Inc. - Tacoma, WA
Self-Directed Roth IRA Associate
Bill, I respect that....
Feb 08, 2008 04:29 AM