Lexi Antorino's Family NEEDS Your Help! Please Help Them!

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I received an email from a gentleman named Nelson last night regarding 2 year old Lexi Antorino and a post I wrote about her back in December.  The email was as follows.


God Bless you for putting that info online. I have been talking with Sarah, Lexi's mother, and I have put together a 2 year old Lexi remains in a comawebsite: http://www.prayforlexi.com/index.html

Please help me in promoting this site so that we can reach more people who are willing to help as I did by donating my time and services to this website.

Thanks and God Bless
Pray for Lexi


I went to go check out the website.  It is beautifully done.  There are many pictures and videos of little Lexi and there is the story of what happened to her on that tragic day back in December when a swing-set she was playing on collapsed and crashed down on her and sent her into a coma where she has remained since that day.

The photo to the right is from the Pray For Lexi website and was taken while she was in All Children's Hospital in St. Pete.  "In the hospital, Lexi looks like a sleeping angel nestled in her favorite pink blanket. A bandage wraps her forehead to cover her near fatal wound."

I was saddened to learn that the family does NOT have medical insurance.  The way I understood it, is that Medicaid has paid for her to be in the hospital, but will not pay for Lexi's home health care and all of the equipment she needs at home in order to remain alive!!  That's only the beginning though.  The engine in their car blew up and now they have no vehicle.  But there is more.....Lexi's mom Sarah is pregnant and due to give birth to their baby boy any day now.  This family desperately needs your help and prayers.  I am asking you that if there is anything you are able to do for them, please help them.

This is a local family that needs the help of our community.  Lexi and her family live in Palmetto.  Lexi was critically injured at the park located in Palmetto Point.  If you are able to donate money, a family size car, your time, your services....anything at all...please help them.  They are also asking for us to help promote Lexi's websitePlease pass along the website information to as many people as possible.  The more people that know about it, the more people will be praying for little Lexi and also helping out this family that needs us.  Please visit the website to learn how you can donate to help Lexi and her family.

Please continue to pray for Lexi as well.  She still remains in a coma, but is now moving around when she is talked to or touched.

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Comments (4)

Chris Fisher
Your Virtual Assistant - Concord, CA

Thank you for passing on this information.  What a beautiful little girl and what a horrible accident.


Feb 08, 2008 04:38 AM

Keeping this family and beautiful little girl in my prayers everyday.  Wishing her a full recovery. 

Keep the faith and stay strong.  Concerned Tampa residient following the story closely.  Ive added Lexi to prayer lists in Churches in our area as well, also trying to figure out a way to do a fund-raiser for this family. Any thoughts please comment.


God Bless this little girl.

Feb 13, 2008 01:49 AM
Becky Troutt
No longer practicing real estate as of 2008. - Bradenton, FL

My family is trying to help earn money for Lexi. We hope she is better soon!

Jun 19, 2008 04:41 AM

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