"Spring Change" In Arizona thats 3 days

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Across the country people are able to experience the Spring but in Arizona our spring lasts for about 3-4 days.  That’s when we go from the high 70's to low 80's straight to the 100's, but I wouldn't trade it for anything I get to see the Sun everyday.

I have been thinking this month what can I do this Spring Season to benefit my
 business.  What I finally agreed to do was to take the last month and change some things or do some "Spring Cleaning".  If you can remember back to when you were a kid at the playground and were playing in the sand box.  Almost daily you would see the same kids and same parents that came to the park and play.  Every once in a while a new kid would come in and depending on the current make up of kids in the box the new kid was either accepted or rejected.  In my case always accepted, the more friends the merrier.  Anyway not to state a cliché" but I am trying to think out of the "box" or step out of my "Sandbox".

I have started working with other professionals (out of my box) in my area to build business friendships.  It looks like a referral network or a networking group but I have actually reached out personally to each one of the people I would like in my network and have interviewed them.  The cleaning I am doing right now is finding key business’s that can feed off of each other and at the same time bring a personal touch to what they do.

or years it has been the faster the better, apply for a loan on the internet, get insurance on the internet, search for a house on the internet, etc.  I still would like my business partners to offer that service but I also want my business partners to have a relationship with mine and their clients.  I don’t just want a referral network I want a “family”.  The personal touch has been so far removed we forget what it’s like.  We need to bring it back and I want to be part of it. I want my clients to know me personally not just over the phone.







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