The 2012 Trends Report for the Kapalua Ridge Villas is In!

Real Estate Agent with Island Sotheby's International Realty R(S): 56519

Since 2000, there have been 121 transactions at the Kapalua Ridge Villas recorded in the MLS.   On average, sales prices were 93% of List Price. 

Market Peaks:
2000, 2002:   Total Number of Sales Peaks at 16 both years
2004, 2005, 2011:  Average Sales Price was 98% of the Average List Price
2005:     High Sale $1,700,000
               Sales Volume ($) Peaks at $13,427,000
2006 :    Average Sale Price Peaks at $1,130,600
2008:     Average Sales Price ($)/ Sq. Ft. Peaks at $910
2009:     Average Days on Market Peaks at 369 

Market Lows:
2000:     Average Sales Price is at a low of $505,343
               Average Sales Price ($) reaches a low of $348
2007:     The Average Sales Price drops to 89% of the Average List Price
2008:     Average Days on Market Drops to 28
2009:     Total Number of Sales bottoms at 1
               Sales Volume  ($) bottoms at $725,000

Since 2011, The Ridge Villas was relatively stable  with regard to Average Sales Volume ($)/Sq. Ft. (up 3%) and Average Sales Price down 1%.  However, 2012 year saw a dramatic increase over 2011 in both the Number of Sales (up 367%) and Sales Volume ($) (up 362%).  The Average Days on Market dropped 14% with sales reaching 14, just slightly below the market peaks in 2000 and 2002. 

Click on the above link to view the full report in Issuu, or email me for a copy that you can download and save.


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