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Promote your area with a travel guide

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Many real estate sites hire paid content writers to talk about their areas.  Often consumers and those looking at an area distrust the glossy tourist bureau type information that the produced by people with little real local knowledge.

Have a look at our 2013 Emerald Isle Travel Guide.   We had a very successful promo during our free download days of May 1 & 2.  Envision how you might use something similar to promote your area.  It is a very unique travel quide with lots of maps and even a real estate sign in front of a home in one of the virtual tours.

People value real content and this is a beach lover's guide to loving the beaches of Emerald Isle, North Carolina which happen to be one of the great family beach vacation areas.

There is free software to read the book available for almost any platform and the free Windows 8 reader software is one of my favorites when I use my Lenovo Yoga as a tablet.

We had also used CreateSpace to print copies of the book.  As an update on August 23, Amazon is running a special on paper copies of the book for $8.83.  Imagine how effective this would be to hand to someone interested in the area.


A Week at the Beach