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3 ways to win in real estate... Buy now! Sell now! Invest Now!  Interest rates are at all-time lows, there is no better time to get into real estate!

Metro Broker Virginia Clair can help you navigate the real estate process. Call her at Urban Mountain Associates at 303-229-2450 or get more information online at

Interviewer: Welcome to Metro Brokers TV. Today in the studio I have Virginia Clair with Urban Mountain Associates. Welcome Virginia.

Virginia Clair: Thanks, Kari.

Interviewer: So what makes you different from other realtors?

Virginia Clair: Well, let me tell you - it's really the breath and depth of my experience, I've been licensed for over 21 years now and that was after a very successful career as a diamond broker, so I've been brokering for a while. And my early experience was quite diverse. I started at a time when we were working through the savings and loan fiasco, so a lot of my projects were fairly varied in that I did a shopping center in Colorado Springs, a ranch in Larkspur, I actually had a golf course in La Veta, Colorado as well as several executive homes that were a result of that whole fiasco.

So my business now is really in and around residential as well as short sales. I have a tendency to really want to be available to people in their time of need, especially when it does come to properties that are a little bit complicated and need a little extra help.

Interviewer: Wonderful. Now you're very involved in the real estate community, correct?

Virginia Clair: I am.

Interviewer: Tell me a little bit about that.

Virginia Clair: Well I happen to be the current president of the local chapter of the Mile High Women's Council of Realtors and incoming president for the state. And this is an organization that's part of the National Association of Realtors, so we're very much in tune with consumer issues and lobbying and making sure that our members are empowered in their leadership and their education.

Interviewer: What advice can you offer to buyers and sellers and investors?

Virginia Clair: Buy now, sell now. It's a perfect storm.

Interviewer: Really!

Virginia Clair: Yeah. The interest rates are low, historically low. Our inventory is short, so for sellers that have been sitting wondering whether they should make a move or not, now is the time.

Interviewer: That's great to hear. Where can people learn more about you?

Virginia Clair: Give me a call directly at (303) 229-2450 or on my website which is

Interviewer: Great, Virginia. Thank you so much for taking the time to come and talk to me today.

Virginia Clair: It was my pleasure. Thanks for having me.

Interviewer: Again that was Virginia Clair with Urban Mountain Associates. Thank you for watching Metro Brokers TV.


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Frank Harper
Idaho Family Real Estate - Boise, ID
Broker/Owner, Realtor, GRI, SFR.

Never a bad time or day to sell or buy Real Estate!

May 01, 2013 03:54 AM