May Day Memories...ACK!!

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"What the heck is going on?! Should I be scared?! Should I run?!!! Where??!!! 

I remember well the May Day of my first year in college. Traditions ran deep there, and yet many of those traditions were kept under wraps to new students until we found ourselves living through them...of course, I know now that was part of the charm of the traditions, but boy, on that May Day, for about 30 seconds at about 6AM, I wasn't at all convinced of that charm!

Turns out it was a tradtion for the seniors to run - hollering the whole way - through the halls leaving huge bouquets of freshly picked flowers at the doors of all the underclassmen.

Now mind you, this was a place that was usually super quiet as grumpy, sleepy teenagers slammed their hands down on alarm clocks at 7AM, hoping for just a few more minutes of a ruckus at 6AM certainly was...uh...eye-opening.

Having been in two hotel fires in the few years before this event, I was pretty alarmed to hear the screaming and hollering, and so my first reaction was that of fear. When my roomates and I opened the door and saw the flowers, I will admit to being pretty annoyed. I was thinking: you scared the wits out of me for flowers!!!

But once I calmed down and saw the beauty of the flowers and of the gesture from the seniors...well, my feelings changed.

Not a May Day goes by now that I don't remember that morning and think of all the unsuspecting students, "rudely" roused from sleep by some really loud seniors, only to find beautiful flowers and a beautiful gesture waiting outside their door.

Come to think of it, now that I am a mother, maybe I should make this a tradition in my own home...that is, provided I can wake up BEFORE my daughter! Oh, and I might do without the least until she gets a little older!

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