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As you know , we are in the final processes of selling our Home here in Macomb Twp, MI;
...at times [ of listing or selling...] time seems to pass slowly
...at times the speed of the entire process can be breathtaking
...at times the process can feel "stalled"

During our ownership[s] of various places, we have experienced all three of the situations above.
This Home in which we now reside was one of speed. We had 4 [four] days in which find our new place.  You see, those buying our then home gave us the weekend, plus Monday to find a place for us. {Do know that they had seen the 'then' home during proceeding weeks.
They did not proceed until their deadline was into it's last week--thus the 4 days.

We laughed & looked around for our then "new" Home.  
Did find one & since owners had moved most items to Cyprus, we were assisted by a relative.  
Not having 'extra' hours to waste--we decided that this could be The home for us and proceeded with a quick inspection.
Long story made short--did purchase and sell by the following Wednesday.
Because we had already packed many items, the actual move was speedy for us.  
Naturally, items of "interest" were discovered after we moved. Some were fixed by male owner. We loved it for 16 years [this August]

It must be this Home--
You see...We signed to sell--[this time]
               Home was listed on Realtor site with only 2 [two] pictures [never did place others]
               Out on road & received call from Office
               Returned home to discover that 4[four] clients wanted to see home, starting in 1 hour        
               Did quick spruceing and by 5:00 p.m., the clients arrirve [almost every 1/2 hour]

The soon to be owner was #3 that day.  

Second day: they had scheduled 5[five] more viewers--only 4[four] actually showed.
The third day had 4[four] more showings scheduled

The next owner [ should all work out] is the 3rd client from the first date. We agreed on day 3. [Realtor cancelled showings]

Received call last night [ Wednesday} that his home closed.  Almost time to jump with Joy.

Still waiting for the final appraiser to show up here AND for the Bank to do what it is that they do.
Now here is where we sympathize with the hopeful owner, but we can also utilize all the days that we can get without having to Pay $$$$ to new owner. [Not nice! I know}

Through all of this, we have been discussing what we will move to Florida, what to donate & what to put outside for anyone.
Today Sal took some photos of our china & display curio to local Churches--we received a phone call from a retired, but still active Priest who said that he would really appreciate these items.
Sal called him back and it is sealed.

this is a photo of just what we are so happy to give to him"  

How neat to know that Sal's Mom's dishes will be in a new home soon, but we too are happy to know just where this chest will be spending it's new days, {years} too.
Also included are some of my Mon's glasses, glass plates & glass small dishes.

What a great two days we have had.
What a speedy resolution to our move.
What a fun feeling to know that these items will be in a new Home soon.
So great to know where they will be "living".

I only wish that we had sound on this site. If you could have heard just how Father spoke on the phone.
What a beautiful sounding voice.
What wonderful excitement in his voice....almost made me cry.

Love to know that Mom's dishes will be in such loving hands--soon and for the rest of their days will be living in their same place.

Just had to share!

Perhaps it is OK to start getting excited, even though our plan of action is to not do so until we leave The Office holding
"paper work and, of course, The check".

Thanks for sharing our very quick experience. 

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Live, Learn, Love, & always remember to Laugh!

a Keyless start....a Forward Looking VIEW from the DASH; Join the RIDE 

Barb & Sal

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Ellie Penaranda
239.776.5077 Downing-Frye Realty - Naples, FL
Naples Florida Real Estate - Waterfront & Beach Co

Barb & Sal, I think we all relate to your feelings... Keep the excitement in the air, you will love being in Florida and will wonder for a long while why you had not done it earlier.  Good luck with a very smooth closing.  

May 06, 2013 04:04 AM