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Some How To Tips!

With the housing market lately I have seen many home owners focus on upgrading their homes vs. buying brand new construction. Remodeling can be used to add space and improve the function of any home. This is actually a great idea, especially when you considering selling within five years. However, I would not advise to deplete the equity in a home in order to finance the projects. Instead, take one step at a time and make meaningful upgrades to what you currently have.

Be Safe!

Always follow the local building codes click here for access to the Douglas County website.

Home Owners Insurance!

Ensure you call your homeowners insurance provider to update your policy after renovations.

Consider making the following improvements!

  • Outlets and Wiring need to be adequate for any improvement made to the property. Don't skip this step! Many homes built in the mid 60's through 70's used aluminum wiring, which was cheap but susceptible to loose connections and can spark and cause fires. A professional electrician can inspect and replace damaged/outdated wiring.
  • Choose Low or none volatile organic bulding products. Certain items such as paints, caulk, carpet, etc. Or get a little green! Renewable flooring- such as bamboo, cork or wool. How about salvaged wood planks, glass tile, carpet made from melted down plastic pop bottles? Find out what the EPA has to say here.
  • Kitchen and baths always a favorite for any homeowner. Gas cook-tops and ranges need a recirculating fan or vent to extract heat, smoke and odors. Bathrooms are the same removing moisture and stale air while preventing mold and mildew. Ensure you aren't forgetting these while you are selecting your new tile color and appliance selection. Sometimes it is hard to remember the important stuff!
  • Have you even considered adding a fire sprinkler system to your home? Besides providing a peace of mind it could add value to your home. Check with your insurance provider and see if you would receive a discount on your monthly insurance premium. Might off set the cost of installation. Typically this system runs between $1.00-$1.50 per square foot to install.
  • Install Water-Sense-labeled toilets- uses 20% less than the current model and 60% less than toilets that are older than 1992.


Sarah Solomon

Douglas County Real Estate

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