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There are some excellent marketing posts here and many of the topics I believe are so important I believe the thread should be continued to connect the dots to denominate the many different ways these techniques can be implemented  to have a big effect on your marketing efforts.


Case in Point...


Laurie Manny made an excellent post regarding SEO optimizing on local Google.

Michelle DeRepentigny made an excellent post regarding Face book...

I posted info on a particular niche for parents that may be searching for housing for their college bound children.


There are so many others and I guess that's a blessing as well as a problem, the posts are so varied and come in so fast it's hard to continue a thread.


By creating a site with valuable content and even submitting articles for things like Romantic Places in an around ...

Major Colleges and Universities in the area include .... (Valuable info using my prior example Kiddie Condo program- more content!

Visitors will find you not for your Home Page; but for your 2nd and 3rd tier pages

Depending how deep your pages go.

  I came across some information recently about a program specifically geared towards graduating College Students purchasing their first home.

( I will post when I get dig it up)

 Imagine posting information like this on Facebook and article submissions to directories and getting the in pointing traffic to your Real Estate site.

In addition to the potential business that by the way didn't come through the front door!

It can potentially boost your site rankings as well.




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