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This is a collection of blog posts and articles to help people preparing to buy a home. Sellers can find help at Sellers Tips and Advice. Funny stories are now located in Funny Stories and Parables

How Do I Buy The House?  First time home buyers in particular find the buying process to be somewhat mysterious and confusing. In this article, the buying process is broken down into easy to understand steps. Also see this short slideshow to learn about the home buying process from start to finish.

Negotiations. How to get the most of what you want and the least of what you do not want. 

The 3 Most Important People in Your Real Estate Transaction. Every real estate transaction has some sort of glitch that needs to be overcome so you can Close. These are the people who take care of that for you. (8 slides)

What's the Best App for me to use to see homes for sale on my phone?  This app is directly linked to MLS and updated every 10 minutes. Works in the 5,000 square miles in and surrounding the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area. iPad, iPhone, & tablet compatible. 

How do Capital Gains help me or hurt me when buying and selling real estate? 

My Favorite Client - Millennial Woman - First Time Homebuyer 

My Favorite Client - Marine Relocation

What is LTV? Loan To Value is the ratio of price to loan amount. Ex: borrowing $80,000 on a $100,000 home = 80% LTV.

What is HVAC? HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning.

How can I see the inside?  

Can I make a verbal offer to buy a home?  

How much should I budget for Closing Costs?   Closing costs itemized & defined.

Can you go over that bit about the Inspection Period again? 

Do I get my EMD back if the Seller rejects my Offer? Yes, unless otherwise stipulated in the contract.

What is EMD? EMD stands for Earnest Money Deposit. This is submitted as part of the Offer To Purchase as a show of good faith and ability to produce funds.

Do I Need An Agent From Each Brokerage To See All the Available Homes

What's the Best Way To Organize My Home Search?  

Isn't it best to call the listing agent?  Frequent strategic error made by inexperienced and uneducated buyers. Please find out the facts before you end up unknowingly forfeiting any of your rights as a buyer. 

How long does a hot water heater last?   Here's an estimate of how long you can expect the components of a house to last before they need to be replaced. 

What is a Buyer's Agent, how much do they cost and where do I get one?  Another often bewildering aspect of real estate transactions.

What is a ‘Seller Contingency’ that could affect me? If the seller stipulates that they will only accept cash offers and you are financing part of your purchase, that house is disqualified.

Can you explain how commission works?  Another concept that seems to be confusing the general public. Even those who earn commissions in personal property transactions are not always aware of how commission works in real estate transactions. 

How do I get the really good deals?  Most people hear about other people who got a really good deal on a house and want to know how that's done so they can do it too. Here's how that works. 

Why don't you post the best deals every week?

How low do you think the seller's will go?  This is a question asked by just about every buyer writing an offer to purchase a home. Originally written for investors, it also can apply to owner occupant buyers.  

Do You Know Jack?  [Don't read this one unless you have a good sense of humor.]

Can I get a Home Warranty? Maybe; your agent may be able to negotiate that as one of the terms in the contract.

5 Things A Real Estate Agent Cannot Do.  This one's for buyers and sellers. 

How many agents can I hire to help me as a buyer?

What's a Pop-Up Agent?

Why is there so much inaccurate information on Zillow and Trulia?   

Finding the Best Home for the Best Value on the Internet - easy vs. smart

The 6 Most Important Steps a Buyer Takes in Choosing the Best Home for them


Please remember that real estate transactions are subject to federal, state, and local laws. Real estate transactions are conducted differently from state to state and even city to city depending upon laws, rules, regulations, and procedures specific to that area. The best way to find out how transactions are conducted in your area is to sit down and talk with a local real estate agent. 

If you have a question that you'd like answered, please email it to Morton@KansasCityHomes dotCom.  Thank you!

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