Bellevue Short Sale Question: My Lender Is Charging The Buyer A Fee To Buy My House

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Bellevue WA – The Stop Foreclosure Institute recently received a question from Brandon. Brandon is selling his house and something very interesting happened.

Brandon’s Question: “My lender is tring to charge a 1% short sale processing fee to the buyer. Is that legal? The buyer is upset. They have stipulated that ONLY the buyer can pay the fee. This was never revealed until the short sale approval letter arrived. Brandon.”

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Our comments on this. Yes, the buyer is upset. Buyers think they are in control in today’s market. They can’t see why they should pay a fee if they are buying a house in a “Buyer’s Market.”

Is it legal? We did a short sale with the same lender and they said their lawyers had checked it out and confirmed that it is legal. So, it probably is legal.

We checked with Brandon and found out a little more information. Click here to continue reading.

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