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100% Home Loan

Mortgage and Lending with Mutual of Omaha NMLS#: 274064

100% financing is not a thing of the past.  Many home loan programs were eliminated after the economic downturn of 2007, but for home buyers with a stable income and decent credit scores, realizing the American Dream is still very much within reach without saving for a down payment.  The most widely available program in Utah is offered by the Utah Housing Corporation.  Not only do they finance the down payment, they also will allow closing costs to be included in their financing packages.   This is truly a zero down, nothing out of pocket, home loan. Utah Housing works in partnership with approved mortgage lenders to enhance the typical FHA loan, so you have to start the application with one of their approved lenders.  


This program is available for first time homebuyers and move up buyers alike.   If there is no down payment available after selling your current residence - no worries.  Buy another home with no money down! 


Your credit scores don’t even have to be that high to qualify for this 100% financing program.  A credit score of 620 is all it takes! 


No more waiting!  Go shopping for a home today!