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Summer Savings In Mission Viejo

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Summer is coming, and it may be a hot one !  That could mean massive electric bills which bust the budget and take away from your fun times.  Here are some tips on how you can curb that electrical use and save big money.

  1. Control your use of air conditioning:  People often set the temperature quite low on their AC, and this sucks up the kilowatts faster than almost anything.  If you set the thermostat to the low 80's, you will need a lot less cooling, and that results in ample savings. 
  2. Enjoy the outdoors:  Mission Viejo is full of shaded parks which provide great places to play.  Sitting outdoors to read a book, or for the kids to play, brings healthy fresh air and lots of opportunity to burn off energy.
  3. Turn off the TV during the day:  TV's are another major source of consuming electricity, and people often leave several of them running all day long. 
  4. Use a solar blanket on the pool and reduce the heating bill:  There are many very affordable solar blankets on the market that lay on the surface of the water, and keep the pool very warm.  This reduces the amount of electricity for pumps and heaters.
  5. Keep your doors and windows closed:  Unless you have a great breeze that will cool your house down, as the temperature rises, close your doors and windows and consume the cooler air that is inside.  At night open them up to let the house cool naturally. 

Now these are just a few tips that will reduce your monthly electrical bill.  Its your turn.  Use the comments section to add some more great tips for your neighbors.

Mike Warren
Real Estate - Colorado Springs, CO

Good post, Tim. Thanks for sharing these useful ideas.

May 06, 2013 07:23 PM
Mark Delgado
houses for rent, Solano County & Glen Cove - Benicia, CA
Benicia and Vallejo, Property Management, rental h
All very good points. I'd add the idea of checking outside once in a while. I can't tell you how often it has cooled off outside while we are still hibernating inside with the AC running and windows closed.
May 06, 2013 10:41 PM