to survive and thrive in 2008 you need to look at following:

1....he who owns the listing owns the market (in 2005 for every home listing (in my Florida region )5 home listing held for 60 days would result in a sale........in 1st quarter 2008 172 days with 25 home listings will result in a sale  on the market .................this means you need to work 5 times harder

2...i have heard agents say why get over price listing .....................well heres the problem get the listing, and educate the sellers and talk price reduction after a week ...shorter time between lowering price.....if you did your CMA right you should of priced right anyway

3.....I have stole, plagiarized, ripped off,every idea i have been in contact with in my 50 years and stored in my  data bank .you need to do, and see , and listen ,and look at a way to do something in a different way most agents are order takers...........example agent goes to listing showing gets the hard won listing and is so thrilled to get out he doesn't find out where ma and Joe home owner is moving to he overlooks the referral to the sister agent in the other city and misses out on a very lucrative side line....

4...you do open house put 10 signs up and open from noon time to 5:00 ......look at the neighbors as potential listing coz they see how you conduct your self make nice Promoshop flyer's ...

5.....always learn how to use objection handling techniques ,think like a chess champion ,come up with every single possible answer to every possible question the people will ask !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

example........never lose sight of the big picture listing listing listing but only manage what you can service dont fall into the "if i dont see my sellers everything must be all right"..

6.....dont do a $8:00 job get a assissant to import into MLS,CRAIGSLIST,POINT2NLS,100% REFFERAL,GET A SIGN PUTTER UPPER PERSON.

In Exit realty usa & canada out of over 48,000 agents i have been the top lister for 2005,2006,2007 my office for 58 agents is top listing office with my agent count

se the light listings are where you do the hard work by getting the listing and every Tom Dick Harry will sell it for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Meg Zoller
Keller Williams - Houston, TX
Houston Fine Homes
Wayne - I enjoyed reading your post.  Great points and ideas.  I'm going to bookmark this.  Have a great weekend!
Feb 08, 2008 04:49 PM