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Leighann Russell, Lake Specialist at Lake LanierYou mean to tell me there is another lake in NE GA besides Lake Hartwell???  In 2009, we launched to offer Lake Hartwell buyers an interactive map search for all properties sourced from both the Georgia and South Carolina multiple listing services. Four years later, it is still the only lake-specific site that provides that functionality.  I also designed the site with the idea that one day we would have SpotOnTheLake agents at other area lakes.  Today, I am thrilled to announce that Leighann Russell has joined the team as our SpotOnTheLake Specialist at Lake Lanier.  Leighann has extensive real estate experience in both sales and management and specific experience with Lake Lanier.  She grew up using and loving the lake, and her office is conveniently located in Buford, near the lake.   Click here for more on Leighann and reply to this email if you know anyone who might be considering buying or selling at Lake Lanier.  As always, see below for some recent market activity and best buys at Lake Hartwell.

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