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How are your marketing dollars best spent to maximize returns? That is the question that every real estate professional wants to know. What if, you were able to use another business as a guinea pig to see which marketing strategies worked and which didn’t? Well, when it comes to marketing on the radio, two real estate agents were brave enough to try it and report back with their results.

 Ryan White and his business partner David McElveen picked up the microphone and found that it fit, really well.  Six months after they started hosting their own weekly radio show, the two men doubled their real estate transactions.

“This comes from a long growing process of what works and what doesn’t work,” Said McElveen, during a recent interview.

 Both men described the radio as being the leverage they needed to establish relationships with top producers. By offering people the radio show as a means to promote themselves, White and McElveen altered their images from ‘just agents,’ to valuable business contacts. Suddenly, the once unattainable top producer that everyone is chasing now, is trying to keep a good connection with these real estate radio stars.



“Never knock on the front door of a business and ask them to give you something. But offer to provide value to what they’re already doing,” suggests McElveen.

Most real estate agents can not present an opportunity for others to promote themselves in front of thousands of people.  Using their radio show to differentiate themselves, White and McElveen position themselves ahead of their competition.

“In this changing market, we’ve identified what we can bring to people that they weren’t even aware was available,” said McElveen, “That’s not a bad place to be.”

So, how are your marketing dollars best spent? Your best bet is to Invest in: something that will separate you from the competition, a tool to leverage yourself, and a platform that you can offer to share with others.

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Randy Bocook
Keller Williams Coastal Area Partners - Richmond Hill, GA
Selling Coastal Georgia

Great article. Thanks for sharing. You really do learn something new every day. Have a wonderful 2013

May 14, 2013 02:44 AM
Jeff Ragan
Ming Tree, Realtors Real Living - Eureka, CA
Luxury Agent, Northern California

What a brilliant idea!  I suspect you'd have to have a Realtor with their broadcasting license, huh?  I'm going to check this idea out!  Thanks!

May 14, 2013 02:51 AM