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Do you own your own Title Insurance Agency?  Is your real estate office Montgomery county title insurance, Bucks county Title insurance, participating in a “Controlled Business Arrangement” or an “Affiliated Business Arrangement”? Do you “steer” all your buyers to your “In House” title company? Do you promise your buyers that YOU have control over the process IF they use your title company but not one of their own choosing? At the end of the month do you receive a nice check for your stock ownership of the new company?  Do you really have anything to do with the title company or is it just a convenient way to siphon money from the title company and profit from it.


As an independent Title Insurance Agent for 26 years I am often asked by the Realtors, “So if I give you this deal, whats in it for me”? 

  • Crazily enough, amazing service is not the number one answer.
  • A dedicated staff of 22 licensed professionals working tirelessly to get the deal to the table and closed is not number 2.
  • Home closings, at the bequest of your buyer or borrower at any time day or night or on any day for that matter, never enters the equation.
  • Electronic Signature capabilities, not on the list.
  • Internet ordering,
  • Combined 200 years of title experience,
  • No claims,
  • Policies in 30 days after closing,

             And you guessed it…. NO ONE CARES!!!  Cash is KING and the Mercedes monthly payment book is Queen.

There was a time that a simple thank you was enough, that a Twenty dollar bill and the offer for drinks and a little snack was great, but as a way of ending the “Illegal Kickbacks” the $20.00 honor among thieves became a 50/50 split of all profits.  On it’s face this seems like an OK plan.  The Realtor Broker gets to profit by 50 % of the bottom line while the title agent is guaranteed that the Realtor will push their buyers to the co-owned agency, thereby creating a symbiotic relationship.


Money is tight. Loans are hard to get. Every dollar matters. When the Government reaches the title section on the HUD1 as they have done with every other major service provider and reviews the charges, the very fact that the title agent can give away 50% of it’s profits and still be profitable should be reason enough to cut the PA premiums in half and abolish the CBA’s and ABA’s.  We have argued and faught to raise the premiums because we need to have enough money for the “Brokers” half, without the title premiums, some partnershipBrokerages would not make it.  Some Brokerages need the title and the mortgage profits in order to survive.

So, in the end, it may be back to business as usual, No more “partnerships” and all the parties to the transaction remaining in their own field and their own pockets.  Can we all survive?









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Established in 2002, Family Abstract, Inc. provides Title Insurance to clients and customers throughout Florida, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania with more than 40 years of combined experience in management alone. We pride ourselves on retaining the most skilled and knowledgeable employees who share our goals of providing the best service in the industry.

Located in Horsham, Pennsylvania, Family Abstract, Inc. maintains an extensive network of skilled title insurance abstractors in all the states we service in addition to a nationwide network of qualified closing agents who are available to close loans at any location.

Backed by the strength of four title insurance underwriters, we are able to provide expert attention to detail without sacrificing versatility in the closing process, thus providing more options in difficult title situations. Due to our depth of industry knowledge and commitment to excellent service, Family Abstract, Inc. has been able to develop client relationships that have endured for decades.

Having successfully settled and insured thousands of transactions, we have already earned the trust and confidence of hundreds of customers, lenders, brokers, and realtors and now we would like to share our expertise with you!

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Patricia Kennedy
RLAH Real Estate - Washington, DC
Home in the Capital

Glenn, there is a super agent in a Washington suburb that is facing a gigantic lawsuit based mostly on his forgetting to disclose the financial arrangement to his clients.  This is way too tricky for me.  I use a fabulous independent that, instead of sending money to me or my broker, credits it to the buyer at settlement.  Now that's pretty cool.  Oh, and they provide flawless service to my lawyer heavy clientele.

May 14, 2013 07:05 AM
Glenn Freezman
Family Abstract, Inc. - Horsham, PA

Patricia, that is a wonderful answer, we can only hope the "Super Agent"  ends up in "Super Prison".  How much money does anyone need?  We should be competing on service only, in statute states that should be the only qualifier.  Kudo's to you Patricia.

May 14, 2013 11:16 PM