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In our current, intensely dynamic real estate market, it’s easy to become excited about selling your home quickly. While many homes are selling rapidly and for top dollar, I’ve noticed that some sellers aren’t getting the results they anticipated and here’s why: homes that arestaged well, clean, updated and attractive in photos are still the top sellers. Here are some tips to help you sell quickly:

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1. Engage a professional, full-time Realtor. Even though the data may appear promising for selling “by owner”, Realtorshandle sales every day. It’s our profession. You may attract a buyer right away but do you know how to select the best offer? Do you know how tonegotiate the contract AND the repairs? Do you know how to prepare for an inspection? Do you know all of the contract deadlines and what they mean?


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2. Check out the competition.  Either have your Realtor take you to the homes in the area or go to open houses on the weekend. You need to be the best and brightest to be the home that sells the most quickly for the best price.


3. Don’t neglect the details. Just because the market is “hot” doesn’t mean people want to buy your pet-smell, ratty carpet, floral wallpapered home. Again, buyers still want a clean, well-presented home. Often overlooked details: (a) doorbell and garage door opener panel are grimy; (b) switchplates are broken or dirty; (c) porch light fixtures are dirty and filled with dead insects; (d) address of home is missing or obscured or unreadable.


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My #1 tip: caulk is your best friend. Use it around sinks, counters, tubs, showers, toilets, etc. It makes those areas seem so much cleaner and neater and costs very little.


Following these simple guidelines will ensure you are moving soon!

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Frank Harper
Idaho Family Real Estate - Boise, ID
Broker/Owner, Realtor, GRI, SFR.

We have  pretty good market and we are seeing some sellers believe that he home will ell for top dollar no matter what the condition. I turned down an over priced and very neglected home recently, only to see it pop up with another Real Estate Agent. The home has been on the market and they have reduced the price two times already, and it is still over priced.

May 17, 2013 08:15 AM