The Lockbox Blues

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This is a great post, and something we all should remember. At one time or another we have all been guilty of poor lockbox placement. Debb does a great job of covering this subject in a humorous way.

A bad case of the Lockbox Blues

Lockbox Blues Not sure about you, but I get frustrated with the lack of consideration concerning lockbox placement. I've had to stand on my tip toes, bend down with my backside in the air, slog through mud, and fight off friendly dogs in the backyard, just to get a key.

Now I know listing agents don't do this on purpose, but come on, is there no thought involved? I've had to get keys out of lockboxes on porch lights - think high - and I stand 5'3 & 1/2"  tall. I've had to bend down and struggle to unlock the lockbox fastened to the bottom railing on a front porch, in a skirt!

Shoes and clothing have been soiled from muddy side yards, several with a friendly jumping dog. The lock box was on the gas meter. Often, rainy and windy conditions in our region make it difficult to stand in the elements to open a lockbox - don't make it even less pleasant.

A bit of thought helps prevent the Lockbox Blues

LockboxLockbox placement is something every listing agent should consider carefully. If the homeowner doesn't want the box on the front door, please remember to make it easy for "everyone" to get to it - regardless of their height, clothing, shoes, and of course, the weather.

If you feel your ears burning - you'll know someone out there doesn't appreciate the contortions, or the conditions, required to get into one of your listings. Pardon my complainingI've been showing a lot of homes lately, and have a bad case of the lock box blues.







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