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Thinking about buying lakefront property or already own a home or real estate on Clear Lake? You may be interested in taking a look at some of the information and links listed below. Much it is available on the County of Lake website at; .

There is a lot of history about Clear Lake including the size, age and developement of the lake, plus the fact that it is the largest natural lake within the state of California (Lake Tahoe is larger but is also partly in the state of Nevada). Here you can find more interesting facts and details about Clear Lake including answers to some common questions about the lake.

Here is some information from the Lake County Lakebed Management Department web page, which is a department within the Lake County Public Works;

'Lakebed Management is responsible for maintaining the public trust lands below the highwater mark (7.79 Rumsey) in Clear Lake in accordance with Lake County code, Chapter 23, the Shoreline Ordinance, and Chapter 639 in the State Statutes of 1973. The Lakebed Division processes permits and encroachment leases for all structures in the lake below 7.79' on the local Rumsey gauge. Lakebed maintains navigation aides, swim markers and swim areas; performs water quality monitoring; and provides support to the Sheriff's Department (CREWS), Department of Fish and Game, Corps of Engineer, and State Lands Commission. Lake enhancement programs such as algae management are also the responsibility of Lakebed Management.'
There is more on their web page at Lake County, California, Lakebed Management.

Here is a link to the current lake level according to the Rumsy Gauge;
Current Lake Level, USGS.
You can also take a look at this quick link to the daily lake level reading for Clear Lake.

Here is more information and history on the Rumsey Gauge on Clear Lake.
This link shows historical water levels of Clear Lake and more information on the Rumsy gauge.

This link shows the discharge of water out of Clear Lake Dam - Current Clear Lake Dam Releases,USGS. Read more about the history of the Clear Lake Dam and Cache Creek.

Many people don't know who actually owns the water rights to Clear Lake. This article helps explain how and when Yolo County obtained the water rights to Clear Lake......

If you have been asking about algae and aquatic weeds on Clear Lake, you will enjoy this article.

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