Tricks of the Trade for a Successful Home Sale/Kid Combo

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When it comes to a home sale in Stamford, adults automatically appreciate the importance of presenting a pristine property to potential buyers.

Kids, on the other hand, would like a glass of apple juice, please.

Parents are forever juggling their other adult responsibilities with the needs of the children, so when you add home sale showings to the list, it might seem to make for a stressful situation. But a home sale doesn’t need to be disruptive — after all, it’s just one more ball in the air!

A few tried-and-true tactics make the process easier:

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·               <!--[endif]-->If you’re blessed with grandparents who live close to Stamford, this is the time to enlist their help. Showings are simply well disguised opportunities for extra quality time with Gram and Gramps. No family in the area? See which play date parents will step up and volunteer for an occasional last minute get-together.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·               <!--[endif]-->Avalanches of toys — especially when they stray far from the kids’ room —don’t do much to advance the home sale you’re trying to accomplish. Make a game out of organizing toys into attractive storage boxes, complete with a ceremony for the moment when yesterday’s are put away and today’s opened up. If your kids are old enough to roll their eyes at this idea, I bet they’re old enough to help you with emergency cleanups. That will be easy (and maybe even fun) when you sit down together to create a written Emergency Home Sale Drill, complete with who’s responsible for doing what, and in what order. And don’t forget: successful drills merit special rewards!

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·               <!--[endif]-->If some very young ones are in the mix, sleep-deprived adult noses can sometimes become desensitized to the simple truth that dirty diapers put off even the keenest of prospects. In addition to your regular diaper disposal regimen, don’t spare good quality air fresheners. The ones that emit seasonal scents periodically are best.

I’ll help by giving at least 30 minutes’ warning for any showing (24 hours whenever possible) Our teamwork will result in a serene setting for all our Stamford home sale showings. 


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