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“Some of the most brilliant minds of our time will not be heard; not because the public won’t listen, but because brilliance is a hard thing to communicate.”

Public speaking is an uncomfortable situation for most people. It is the ultimate position of vulnerability in which people not only judge your thoughts, but also your clothes, mannerisms, body language, etc. Radio, however, is a unique forum in which one can speak to thousands of people without the stress of standing behind a podium. It is a form of mass communication that is exempt from visual judgments and blank stares.

Broadcasting on the radio eliminates visual distractions and forces the audience to focus solely on your ideas. Although, this is a great way to get your message out there, we also have to think about how to make a great radio show experience for the audience. What is the best way to convey a message to listeners? Is it a one-way monologue or a two-way discussion? Definitely a discussion, even if you think you have a compelling topic, you should be constantly searching for the best possible guest to invite onto your program. This will break up the monotony of a single voice/personality and add depth to your show.



Now, let’s say you’re hosting a radio show.  How do you find quality guests to come on and speak about exciting topics? What if all the worthy guests speakers are terrified of public speaking (as most people are)? Well, it’s not as impossible as you may think.  Real Estate agents Ryan White and David McElveen shared the secret to getting great people on the air is simply relieving their jitters.

On Ryan White and David McElveen’s real estate talk show, they host many high profile industry guests. Understandably, before the guests come on the show they convey countless concerns regarding the interview process that will take place. To guarantee that high caliber guests will commit to coming on their show, Ryan and David list four “anti-stress,” factors that alleviate public speaking fears:

1)      We don’t take live calls!

2)      You will have complete control over the structure of the show

3)      We will “T- up” questions for you so that you can knock them down!

4)      We encourage you to pre-write your own show!

(Sigh of relief) now I can stop sweating and start breathing again!- well, that’s what your radio show guest will be thinking after you explain these four “anti-stress” elements of your show. Through the elimination of stress, comes the increase of confidence.  To give your guest speaker the confidence to deliver a killer performance will only enhance the overall experience of your show. Thus, a win-win for all parties involved!

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