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As I got more and more experienced as a real estate sales agent, i find myself wanting to connect with people just to help them achieve the next level in their lives. Some of us know exactly what i am talking about. i find myself talking to people not necessarily to sell or buy but to check up on them to see what stage of their lives they are at. Sometimes, people just want to get ready to buy and they are not going out tomorrow, some of them are not ready to sell but they are not selling tomorrow. They just are putting a plan together and starting the phase of change. So here i am. What does that all mean? people get married, people have children, partners move in together, students buy to share, people have an elederly mother and life goes on and on and on. I find myself, to be the counselor, the guide, the confident, the consultant and so on. and a new page in my people begins. WHat an achievement! That is life!


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Fern Hamberger  Associate Broker

Sales and leasing 

Corporate Headquarters Relocation Services

Town Residential

33 Irving Place    New York, NY 10003    fhamberger@townresidential.com  

      Cell: 646.660.0060   

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Aug 25, 2014 03:22 AM