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Do You Know the Top Ten “Must-Do’s” to Sell Your Home FAST?

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Of couse you want to sell fast. You watch HGTV and see how buyers look at 3 homes and pick one. Sometimes that's reality and sometimes it isn't, but here are 10 tips to sell your home fast that really work!

Original content by Cherise Selley

Tips for a Fast Sale

I find “Top Ten” lists as being straightforward and very informative.  No wonder David Letterman used his “Top Ten” list of humorous puns to capture the hearts of Americans.  Top Tens are top tens.  They help bring to mind the necessary components of what we think and then afterwards, how we react to them.

Here’s my Top Ten “Must-Do’s” List to Sell Your Home FAST:

1.)   Hire a Realtor

The goal here is not to hire any Realtor, but rather the kind of Realtor with whom you can develop a trusting relationship.  Not all Realtors are created equal, just as your individual wants and needs about selling real estate are individualized to you and you alone.  The key to finding that right person is to interview more than one agent.  Comb through his or her details, such as experience, credentials, online presence, market knowledge, community involvement, etc.  No one has to tell you as to which Realtor is best for you.  You will know who that person is.

2.)   Understand Your Market

Market seasons are very fast changing these days. There are many variables that affect market values and sales statistics other than local considerations, such as geopolitical influences.  Speaking specifically of our 2013 market, one can expect fast activity due to low inventory, especially in the price ranges under $400,000.  Note however, this is a generalized trend and pertains to those residential homes that are most likely prepped competitively in the listing market.

3.)   Establish the “Right” Price

Accurate pricing speaks volumes about the chance that a particular home will sell or not.  That’s why it is essential to have a comprehensive market analysis performed by a RealtorÒ on your behalf.

4.)   Prepare, Clean & Get Rid of the Junk

This might seem like simple and straightforward advice to many, but really, most clients I work with need help in this area.  De-cluttering and getting rid of past memories attached to physical things are very difficult for many to do.  So here’s my next advice about this.  Hire a home stager!

5.)   Interior Fixes & Upgrades

Weigh the value of your home when it comes to fixes and upgrades.  Sometimes you can try to save a penny by not investing into your home before it’s listed, then you might actually lose thousands on the sale of your home.  Buyers today want perceived value in their purchase.  They want turnkey, not projects.  Oftentimes, the investment into upgrades will help the Seller to come out on top in the long run.

6.)   Incentivizing Your Buyer

Paying for closing costs is typical way to help to incentivize the buyer when it comes to negotiations about getting a listing under contract.  This is not an unusual step in the contract process these days.  In fact, it is very common for the Seller to pay for closing costs to help many buyers with down-payment requirements.

7.)   Disclose What You Know About the Home

Don’t hold back information about your home.  What you think is hidden will be revealed someday, especially if there are some deficiencies in your home.  Disclose everything up front to save you from any legal entanglements in the future.

8.)   Insist on Online Marketing

Online marketing combined with social media marketing comprises 91% of buyer inquiries into the real estate process.  Make sure your property is thoroughly and effectively marketed online!  This part of your marketing is changing as fast as technology is changing these days.

9.)   Offer Direct Access on Showings

If you truly want to sell your home in the rhythm of market absorption, then you have to make your home available for showings as much as possible.  Homes with major showing restrictions tend to remain on the market longer than other homes that are being shown more often.

10.)  Endure to the End

Here’s how the real estate market is different these days as opposed to previous years.  The psyche of the buyer and seller are different, based on the unreliability of all the financial markets.  And as well, there are more regulations than ever when it comes to lending, appraisals, inspections, title, etc.  Basically, there are more moving parts to contend with during the real estate transaction process with higher levels of stress to endure to the end.  My advice is to hang in there to the end.

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John Pusa
Glendale, CA

Sharon - Thank you for the very good information about do you know the top ten "Must-Do's" to sell your home fast.

May 22, 2013 07:11 AM
Sharon Sapp
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Thanks. I rebloggd it from Cherise Shelley because I thought it was really straigh forward and concise.

May 22, 2013 07:33 AM