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Dear Joetta, 

Cool Down Colorado Offers Free Fans for Seniors

      Although it's beginning to seem like we won't need relief from summer heat, the Handyman Program of Volunteers of America is offering help for seniors aged 60+ with limited incomes keep cool through the donation of a fan or other home safety item. Items are available on a first-come, first-served basis and will be delivered between June 3 and June 14.


Please call Amelia at (303) 297-0408 to reserve your item today. 

5-Star Real Estate Agent


I'm excited and humbled to announce that I've been awarded the 5-Star Real Estate Agent Award and the announcement will be published in the September issue of 5280 Magazine.

They told me I scored in the top 6% out of 27,000 licensed Colorado agents for customer satisfaction.


This award is based on the recommendation of past clients, contacted by 5-Star without my knowledge.  If you were one of those who took your personal time to help me win this recognition, please let me know so I can thank you in person!

Most Colorado Homes Are in Wildfire Red Zone.  
Or Are They?
I saw the headline above recently, and - while it did get me to read the article - I discovered it was pretty darn misleading.
I would never downplay fire danger, but the article actually stated that 90% of homes in Pitkin County are in the wildfire 'red zone'.  But in Colorado overall, the number is 1 in 4 homes are in the wildfire 'red zone'.
That's still a lot of homes!  I'm curious how that compares to other western states.  In the meantime, click on this link, Colorado Wildland-Urban Interface, and you will see red even in the suburban towns where most of my readers reside.

If you are in a wildfire danger zone, you should speak with your insurance provider to be sure you are fully covered, and learn what to do in case of wildfire.


Drought 2013
If you have a yard and/or garden that needs watering, I'm sure you've heard by now we are under drought restrictions.  If you need more info about when and how you can water, click here. 

I'm wondering if any of you have come up with some great ideas for using less water.  Are you converting some lawn to rock or mulch?  Are you switching to lower water-need plants?  Switching out toilets or shower heads to low-flow?  These are all common ideas, I wonder how many people are implementing them.

And I'd really love to hear from you if you have any other ideas.  Are there any plumbers out there installing diverters so water can go out to the yard instead of down the drain?

Input from Readers
I received a call from a reader last month, who wanted to share his feelings about how offers should be handled.  He felt that if a person puts their house on the market at a certain price and an offer comes in at that price, they should take that offer regardless of any higher offers that arrive subsequently.

He just felt like it is the right thing to do.  I admire him for his principles.

In this time where multiple offers are common for attractive listings, I am seeing some behaviors that do seem 'unfair'.  I haven't even mentioned them in this newsletter, although some of you who are reading this know what I'm talking about.

But I don't consider it unfair at all, if an offer comes in and I make an appointment to meet with the sellers after work that day to review it, then, before the meeting, more offers come in, to bring all the offers with me to review at the same time. 

Real estate agents are under an obligation to their clients, to perform their duties as directed.  If this gentleman was my client and he had strong feelings about only seeing the first offer that came in, I would honor his request. 

However, I would certainly tell him of any other offers, whether they are higher or lower than the one that came in first.  We are required by law to present all offers.

And sometimes, it's not all about the money.  An offer can be attractive in other ways, even if the money is a little lower.  What if the second or third offer is not only the highest, but also has the best terms?  I would absolutely want my client to know about the existence of that offer before they made their decision.

Here's the thing to remember:  the asking price that a home is 'listed for' is not a contract.  Marketing a house at a certain price does not create an 'obligation' on the part of the seller.

What do you think?  


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I hope you enjoyed this newsletter.  Please let me know if you have a question, response, or anything you'd like to share.
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Very simple and easy to read Joetta packed full of information and good luck as well as Happy Memorial Day to you

May 25, 2013 02:32 PM
Joetta Fort
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Thank you, Charles.

May 28, 2013 05:41 AM