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3 Tips to Have a Successful Open House

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3 Tips to Have a Successful Open House

Last time, we talked about 10 Ways to Get Real Estate Listings and Build Your Real Estate Business. #5 is Do an Open House on a Newly Listed Property. Often,  I hear Real Estate Agents complaining they get very few people through their open houses, that they wasted their time and could have been spending time with their friends or family.  Wouldn’t it be great if every time we did an open house, many people turned up to see it?

Here are 3 ways you can increase traffic each and every time you do an open house.

1.     Start using more signs

The more that people see your signs the more they will remember you.  I tell agents to use a lot of signs at each open house, 10 or more in fact. The impression is that the agent is very busy and selling a lot of homes.  So if you are perceived as the agent known for selling a lot of homes, then people may be interested in hiring you to sell their home.

By putting out 10 or more signs each and every time can insure that you drive more traffic to your open house.  It makes it a lot easier to catch passer buyers to visit you at your open house that would have otherwise missed your signs.  Spending that little extra time setting up more signs than the average agent will drive more traffic to your open house each week.

2.     Do a flyer drop in your area the week of your open house

This technique I learned long ago that really helps to drive people to your open house.  Do a flyer inviting people to the open house on the weekend.  Give the address and the time on the flyer with your phone number if someone wants to phone ahead of time with questions.  I suggest delivering to 10 homes to the left and 10 homes to the right and 20 homes across the street of your open house as a guide.  Remember you are “inviting” them to the open house.  Yes you will get nosy neighbors, but maybe they are your next seller just getting an idea of what their home is worth.

3.      Advertise on the internet.

 Many of you are probably already doing this, but if you're not, you're really missing out on some good advertising.  Craigslist & Facebook are a great source of free advertising.  Also use postlets.com to generate a nicely formatted webpage to use in craigslist and other internet advertising.

Remember to practice your open house dialogues ahead of time and be in the right frame of mind to capture potential clients.  Being in the right frame of mind will ensure that you are projecting a good “vibe” that will invite potential clients to want to speak with you.

Make sure that you have lots of information on hand of the sales in your area.  You want to look professional and not having the sale price of a home from 3 weeks ago does not look good.  Be prepared and opportunity will follow.


Let me know how these tips worked for you in your business .

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