Advantages To Selling In The Summer

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Photo by Ashlee Hall of Pennsylvania Real Estate Photography

Photo by Ashlee Hall of Pennsylvania Real Estate Photography

Starbucks does it.

So does Apple.

In fact, I can’t think of many companies that don’t do this.

And, when you think about it, if you are selling a house, there is no reason that you can’t do what these marketing giants do too.

They all sell products right through the summer.  They don’t get nervous about people vacationing or this being a slow time of year for their businesses.  There are actually a lot of advantages to selling at a time when the competition isn’t that can help you sell your house faster than you think in the summer.

According to Matt Mittman of Remax Realty in Conshohocken, PA here there are some serious advantages to listing your house in the summer.

Matt says, “No matter when you sell, you always have to be aware of price, location, and condition but in the summer…THERE IS LESS COMPETITION”

And, according to Matt, the competition get’s lazy:

  • They don’t take care of the yard and the curb appeal,
  • They don’t keep the air conditioner turned up,
  • Everyone’s too busy going from vacation to vacation with no time to take care of the house
Your competition is generally those who were excited about the spring.  They didn’t sell and now they are just stale from that market. All of this leaves them with a BIG lack of motivation.
Better yet, the buyers who are actually out looking are those who are investing their summer time to look.  This means they are motivated, because most of us would rather drink a beer or be on vacation ; )
To take advantage of all of this, you still have to be strategic when listing in summer:
  • Don’t list right before Memorial Day, July 4th, or Labor Day
  • Have Rethink Home Interiors help you prepare your house with a 2-hour Staging Appraisal
  • If you plan to go on vacation, Rethink can make sure that your house is ready for showings that crop up or for open houses planned while you are away
  • Create beautiful outdoor living spaces (Get Bonus Curb Appeal Tips Here)
  • Establish regular lawn care and maintenance
  • Consider hiring a house sitter like my friend Kelly Schaefer of Task Complete to make sure that the house continues to be maintained well in your absence.  See Kelly’s services and tips here when you are leaving your house for vacation.
  • Be flexible–don’t leave large “blackout” dates for buyers and also understand that buyers may be more likely to come out later in the evening since there are more daylight hours.

Sell happier in the summer by working with me and my RHI partners.  Email me today!

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Sharon Parisi
United Real Estate Dallas - Dallas, TX
Dallas Homes

Lori, these are some great  points. Real estate in Dallas tends to slow a bit around the summer holidays.

Jun 25, 2013 04:55 PM