Does Using Social Media In Real Estate Really Work?

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A real estate market is social marketplace that has become more efficient over the years. Buyers and sellers communicate independently to discover information and pin point what they want to buy without ever leaving the comfort of their home or their favorite coffee house with a Wi-Fi connection.

The internet is allowing home buyers’ access to inventory without the help of a Realtor®, it then becomes crucial that Realtors® hangout where buyers go to see available inventory. If you are a seller you need to get your property in as many “homes for sale” sites as possible so that buyers become aware of the availability of their homes.

Buyers want to be reached in their favorite ways, years ago if a Realtor® went to a block party and passed out a few business cards they would probably generate a few leads. Today that block party is on Facebook, Craig’s List or many others like Twitter or LinkedIn.

Savvy Realtors® have picked up on this trend and are using social media as a marketing tool. FSBOs are a natural hunting ground for Realtors® who are looking for sellers. Who would not give someone who referred a client to buy their property a percentage of that sale? We need to look at the market in a different way.

We use as our favored vehicle for those hard to crack FSBOs. They offer a unique tool set that makes a “results in advance” strategy work. Don’t believe me? Here take a look:

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