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On May 23, 2013, the new $30 million Thomas A. Robinson National
Stadium hosted an extraordinary soccer match between the Tottenham
Hotspur Football Club and the Jamaican national football team.
Unfortunately, this spectacular game ended scoreless, but that didn't
stop the roaring crowd from having the time of their life.

Jamaica held up well against Tottenham, and this game served as
practice for their game against Mexico next week. You can read more
details about the gameĀ here.

This match did not only serve as an exciting event here in The
Bahamas, but it also represented the Ministry of Tourism's effort to
make the Bahamas a destination for sports tourism.

Tottenham and the Ministry of Tourism actually worked together to
promote this event, and Tottenham promoted the Bahamas as one of the
leading destinations for tourism. Tottenham also worked with the
National Sports Authority to bring more attention to the Thomas A.
Robinson National Stadium. Hopefully this means that the Bahamas will
see a lot more events similar to this one, bringing more attraction to
our Bahamaland.


With so much happening, it is safe to say that the Bahamas is
definitely going to be the destination for a lot of tourists in the
upcoming years, making it not only a tourist destination, but a real
estate hotspot. This being said, take this opportunity to look at a
few listings we have that are close to the stadium foundĀ here!

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