Create Buyer Urgency with a Virtual Office Website (VOW)

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VOW Buyer Urgency

When it comes to Virtual Office Websites (VOWs), it is all about stimulating buyer urgency. How is a buyer to know if they are in a buyer's market or a seller's market? How can they buy with confidence? With VOWs, it's simple— VOWs allow all non-confidential MLS (Multiple Listing Service) information to be available to the consumer.

What makes VOWs so appealing is the unparalleled transparency; buyers can see how long a listing has been on the market, review any price changes, see the status of a listing whether it is active, under contract, contingent,  pending, expired,  withdrawn, or sold. Previously, this is the kind of information only a Real Estate Broker would have access to.

If a buyer is looking to buy a home in a particular area or neighborhood, with a particular budget, they merely enter their information for a property search. The VOW takes care of the rest, and gives a detailed viewing of all listings in that area and price range. If a buyer can see that comps are moving fast, this will create buyer urgency. Gone are the days of a Realtor having to instigate a buyer's desire to purchase quickly - with VOWs, the buyer can determine this all on their own.

With Quantum Leads, Real Estate Agents OR the searching Buyers can add these options to any new or saved searches for quick reference! This is only the tip of the iceberg of features Real Estate Brokers and Agents gain access to increase their quality Real Estate buyer leads and daily workflow. Ask for a demo to see all of the features built in with our VOWs that are more powerful than an IDX solution for your Real Estate business.