Selling a Gardner, KS Home is MUCH Easier When it's Clean

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Selling a Home in Gardner KS

When selling your home in Gardner, KS it's important to remember that cleanliness is the number one priority.  Some would think this is common sense and I don't disagree, however I think it's important to point out that clean means different things to different people.  So I'll take a brief moment to work on defining a clean house in the average buyers mind.

While we all know that dusting and running a vacuum or broom are important factors in cleaning a house this is not the point where we call the house clean.  You want to be sure that everything non-essential is put away.  I've seen MANY homes with dirty laundry in a corner of a bedroom, or worse spread out in the living and dining rooms.  

The non-essential items go well beyond laundry when selling your Gardner home.  Can you hide your toaster and blender under a cabinet?  How about your toothpaste and other beauty products in the bathroom.  Will they fit under the counter somewhere?  Moving these items out of sight will make your home appear not only more clean, but also larger.

Selling Gardner KS Homes

While we're in the bathroom, please clean the shower, bath, toilet and sink.  I've had buyers turn and run away from a dirty shower.  In my experience with buyers nothing is a bigger turn off than a dirty bathroom.  A lot of people can understand pots and pans in the sink of a kitchen, but nobody I've come across yet finds a dirty bathroom acceptable. 

When you're dusting your shelves, take time to move the knickknacks out of the way and dust under them.  Sometimes those knickknacks need to be dusted too.  Do you have an overlook somewhere in your home?  When you're up there looking down on the living room, kitchen or whatever it overlooks can  you see a bunch of dust?  If so clean it up even though it's a pain in the rear.  

Another big culprit I've seen in Gardner homes for sale is the ceiling fan.  These should be cleaned prior to going on the market.  A large gathering of dust on the leading edge of a ceiling fan is pretty much disgusting to a buyer. There are many other areas that require cleaning too, but this was a quick summary of the most common offenders. 

To recap, make sure your bathroom is extremely clean, put away all non-essential items throughout your home, dust very well and walk around looking at your house as a buyer would to see different areas that may need to be cleaned.  Also, clean up that ceiling fan so that people are impressed by the fan, and not the layer of dust that accumulated over time.  Hopefully these tips will help you attract a quick offer when selling your Gardner, KS home and if I can help in any way, please contact me.

The Photos in this post were taken in occupied homes for sale, not foreclosures


Carrie Ann Higgs
Branson House Realty - Branson, MO
Your Key To The Ozarks

Hi Bryan, bathrooms are so important-thanks for pointing that out! This one is pretty bad-yikes!! Seller may be better off to install a new shower floor and invest in a new faucet. The return is well worth it in the end.         

Jul 20, 2013 02:32 PM
Bryan Tobiason
Keller Williams Partners, Inc. - Gardner, KS

Thanks Carrie.  You are indeed correct!  Sometimes they go beyond being able to be cleaned ;)

Jul 21, 2013 01:53 AM