Feng Shui Your Way To Success!

Home Stager with Staging Places
phoneAre you looking for a quick and painless way to feel motivated, successful, and get recognition for your hard work? Simply by placing certain items on your desk, you can promote good energy and an inspiring atmosphere.

First you need to determine the direction of your workspace. East is the best way to face if you are looking to build up your career quickly. From here you can decide what part of your business life needs work. Use any or all of the examples below. Simply by placing items in the appropriate location on your desk, you can Feng Shui your way to success!

Tranquility= North
Plant or something made of wood
Organization= North West
Planner or organizer in this corner
Future Dreams=East
A reminder of what you are working for; picture of your family or dream car
Good Communication skills=South East
Place your phone; fax machine, or mailing tray in this area
Public Recognition=South
Awards prizes
Keep checkbooks cash box, anything to do with money.

In no time you should see the benefits of the time honored art of  Feng Shui, if not, at least you know where everything is!