Feb. 10th 2008 Winter Garden Inventory Report

Real Estate Agent with Winter Garden, Florida

 There are currently 566 active Single Family Home listings in Winter Garden. The bulk of the inventory is in the $200k to $300k range. A huge part of these listings are in the newer South Winter Garden. There are currently 45 Pending Sales with 26 of them being under $300k. Our overall local inventory has been shrinking and the recent activities (site traffic, click traffic, calls) since about Mid-January has been steadily increasing. Our market outlook is good with most new listings being appropriately priced and the majority of the older listings having made their corrections. Sellers are now giving concessions where they were reluctant to in the past, and general cooperation by the seller has improved.

 There are also another 124 active Townhome and Condo listings. 86 of these properties are in the $100k to $200k range with some developments showing price distress as the owners struggle to make price corrections. There are currently 9 pending listings in this category. The condo and townhome owners were much later in making the price adjustments. Some of these listings have migrated from a standard home for sale to a pre-forclosure sale. This can lead to a good deal for the right buyer, but beware of longer responce times and a bit more paperwork to make an offer on these homes. Overall these properties are suitable for someone downsizing, but with the high investor ratios most financing such as FHA and VA will probably not work. Consult with your mortgage professional for more advice.

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