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Buyer Beware



Summer is almost here, now is the time to buy in the desert! There are many things to consider when buying a home.  I've listed some steps in the process to prepare you for one of the biggest investments of your life.





The Cost of Living

Calculate what you currently spend on and factor in new expenses such as taxes, utility bills, insurance, HOA fees, and the occasional home repair.



Get Pre-Approved

Pre-approval makes you a serious contender in the bid process.  Check around for the best rates and terms.



Find An Agent

Buyers may want to consider looking for an agent that knows the area, and a good marketing plan is desirable in a seller's agent.



Value of Home

The appraisal is required by lenders and determines the value of the home.



Inspection Time

Schedule an inspection and walk through the house to see if any repairs are needed.  Get an idea of the expense involved or even request an adjustment to the asking price.



Make An Offer

An agent can help you come up with an offer amount, consider looking into the recent history of sales in the area.



Closing Time

If the inspection went through and the seller accepts your offer, it's time to close.  Prepare for paperwork!


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