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The most obvious answer to the title question can be seen in most online real estate listings.


According to the National Association of Realtors, about 85% of all prospective buyers begin a home search online. The MLS photos they've seen are the modern-day equivalent of department store windows. 


Have you seen displays with dirty windows, wrinkled clothing, and mannequins in disrepair? Certainly not at the successful stores! Management invests substantial resources on professionals to keep their storefront windows bright, appealing, and enticing for one reason: the effort brings in customers who are confident that the professionalism on the outside is reflected in customer service, inside. Not unlike the owners of an unsold home, store managers are well aware of the fact that merchandise piled on store shelves is costly. 


Within the same broad concept, your home listing on the Internet is a window into the product you wish to sell. It is a huge mistake to economize on the photography of your listing.


To be sure, digital cameras today are capable of taking better photos out of the box than those from some pros using film cameras just a decade ago. But challenges remain with regard to interior photography: strong variations in light levels, unsightly shadows, reflections from flashes, the risk of crooked walls and tilted horizontal surfaces, blown-out windows and featureless dark spots...all create distractions -- or worse. Outdoor photos are even more difficult depending on time of day, weather, etc.    


I've signed on to The BC Team for one reason: BC and Gina fully grasp the substantial role outstanding photography plays in their overall plan of providing superbly professional service from first contact to after-closing follow-ups. That they refuse to compromise in the early part of the business relationship is solid assurance that nothing will be left to chance or luck when the process closes in on the desired outcome.  


No respectable agent would appear at a showing in gardening clothes or driving a banged-up automobile. Deal with agents who have the same kind of respect for every critical element in the marketing and sales process: especially those early few seconds of online viewing during which your prospective buyer decides to look further or move on.


How much would you pay to get a qualified potential buyer into your listed home? With The BC Team, increased traffic, however it is generated, doesn't cost you a dime extra. Eye-catching photography is always part of the greater plan to sell your house as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


Prospective listing agent says your listing doesn't need high-end photography? The most expensive photography is the kind that doesn't generate instant appeal -- within seconds. If the first few photos in your listing fail to get attention -- that online buyer is lost forever -- leaving you with the 15% of the market that still does things the old way.


The BC Team: first class service means top shelf all around -- including the best photography in the industry and professional staging -- both at no extra cost to you. I'm delighted to be working with such success-minded people!


RL Caron


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Jeff Pearl
RE/MAX Distinctive / LIC in VA - Lovettsville, VA
Full Service Full Time Realtor

Expensive doesn't always mean you'll get quality. But whatever you spend, aim for the best quality photos you can get that  captures that portrays the house in it's true condition, and attracts a steady amount of interest!

Jun 01, 2013 09:24 AM