What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

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Software as a Service, better known as SaaS, is essentially a web based software delivery model. As the name suggests, SaaS is for those who do not want to dabble in custom software development themselves to execute daily tasks to make their work flow more efficient  When a client uses SaaS, they do not have to fumble with physical software, or install anything on their own— everything is handled through their internet browser. So gone are the days of getting a CD and thick manual in a box off the shelf of a store. Another advantage to a having a SaaS for your Real Estate business is you do not have to maintain any software nor hardware; all updates, bugs, and enhancements are handled remotely by the provider. You just need a device, whether a computer, tablet or smart phone, with internet access to use it and work.

Quantum Leads is a prime example of SaaS in action. When a Real Estate Broker or Agent signs up for our Virtual Office Website (VOW), we are providing software as a service. We work with your local MLS  to pull in all data allowed by the Department of Justice ruling and incorporate it into your new Lead Generation website. We give you access to all of the CRM tools, drip emails, blogs, individual agent and brokerage websites, and more with our SaaS. Your brokerage does not have to fumble with software, install any software  or even have servers to run and maintain the software. This allows you to focus on capturing more buyer leads, generating more listing, and selling more real estate with our SaaS.

Another great example of SaaS in action is online banking.  Most people are quite familiar with managing their banking online, yet are unaware they are using SaaS. They are using software that they did not install and do not maintain, in order to carry out their functions. This is typically a SaaS that your financial institution provides you for free that they license from a SaaS vendor.

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