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Pacific Hurricane season 2013: Are you ready?

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Can you believe it, it's June already.  So many things happen in June, school kids rejoice as summer vacation starts, graduation ceremonies, weddings, lazy beach days, AND Hurricane Season begins!

NOAA is predicting  lower than normal storm activity in the Pacific for 2013, but this is weather we are talking about, and it pretty much does what it wants no matter what the "experts" predict.

Hawaii State Civil Defense website has a wealth of information on being prepared.  Along with the typical food, water, flashlights and batteries, below are some personal hints from having been through 2 hurricanes (okay well 3, but the first one I was an infant and have no memories of it at all).

Scan or take digital photos of important documents:  Driver's license, passport, social security card, marriage license, birth certificates, medical cards, health information and important documents.  There is always some concern with security issues, however with precautions saving this on a card or thumb drive and storing in a safe or bank safety deposit box or with a trusted relative can save you hours of time if you have to replace these documents.  Heck, stick it in a box and bury it in your backyard if you have to, but you need a record of these items.

Pictures - As strange as it may seem to us, consumer digital cameras didn't appear until the mid 1990's.  That means most people with a real estate license were born before digital cameras!!  People graduating high school this year were born right around the time as digital cameras appeared as a consumer product, but they were very expensive and not widely used by the public.

So it's likely you have thousands of printed pictures that if lost are nearly irreplacable.  Take some time and scan the most important ones into digital files.  

Also now would be the time to do a video inventory of your home for insurance purposes.  

We can't control the weather, but we can be prepared  



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It is great to hear that it shouldn't be a big storm year. I like the pic. Did you take it?

Jun 03, 2013 04:39 PM