Today's Thought: R-E-S-P-E-C-T ~ Like the song says & NO "heckling!"

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Usually, I'm the first one to state that Rainmakers offer professional, safety and other ideas that we can all share, and not grovel in politics, but grrrr!


heckling respect First Lady Obama service westchester county NY 10583Heckling ANY First Lady or statesperson in this country is completely uncool.  All politics aside, yesterday's news bites of our current First Lady being rudely yelled at a private home / meeting was apalling.  


So, in the interest of peace and prosperity -- that may be on the way again, we hope -- I wanted to offer this thought for the day:  No heckling.  I wasn't always in the fire, water and mold cleanup & restoration biz.  As a former writer / broadcaster, I am a constitutional journalist who believes deeply in free speech and the 1st and 4th estates.

Ellen Sturtz, Gay Advocate, who heckled First Lady-Courtesy: Examiner


We are small business owners, who own a young Servpro and are short staffed, so I drive for a living lately.  In the car, I listen to our local New Yorks NPR station that is stellar and has news that is thoughtful, more balanced than the rest vs. editorial and is not hateful.  Our local affiliate keeps me company on the road.  So, I heard soundbites from both yesterday's "heckler" and Michelle Obama's reasonable response on air.


On the one hand, Amercians enjoy and ARE protected for free speech under our constitution. (We are also allowed to carry and house our own single shot musket, in case the British come back, but that's another hot topic.)  But, rudeness is not cool and hate speech is not protected.  And, while my uncle is gay and happily married in the Nation's Capitol now, I understand that certain groups in the gay community feel that have not been given working place and other rights that were promised during Obama's 2012 campaign.  Yelling at Mrs. Obama is not the way to get what you want.


heckling respect First Lady Obama service westchester county NY 10583Either way, no first lady in U.S. history has been involved in policy from the West Wing, with the possible exception of Hillary Clinton.  Of course, she was a seasoned lawyer and a close partner in her husband's political career, for good or bad.  


That said, no wife of the (Hello) Leader of the Free World, should be rudely addressed in public about any federal policy, even a fundraising event and for something that Michelle Obama has no involvement in.  We are just getting over the international embarrassment from the Bush era and failed financial policies.


Last, it is important for ALL Americans of any political or personal pursuasion to remember that we should RESPECT the office, whether or not we respect the person, sitting in the Oval Office of the White House, in Congress or even in our own courts and workplaces.  Have some SELF RESPECT, by showing respect to all others in public or private.  If not, I think that a lack of respect reflects on those who don't demonstrate it to others.  



I hope that we professionals, who work with people of all shapes, types and polka dots can agree -- we get more with honey than vinegar.  And yes, my grandmother who raised me said that a lot, so have to give Props to Grandma Jean!


Realtors and service providers like us pride ourselves on good customer service, personable interactions at corporate and other events and on our personal work.  That's what allows us to achieve OUR goals -- lots of happy clients, and home and 


That Heckler this week could take a lesson in "getting what you want" from we Rainmakers!


Enough said...have a great end of the week everyone!

~ Hillary

(ALL politics aside!)


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Kimberly Tapscott
Keller Williams Prestige Properties - Stamford, CT
Giving you the service you deserve!
Hi Hilary .love this post and just saw the coverage. What they did was just plan rude. But Mrs Obama handled it perfectly. Like a First Lady. Hope all is well!
Jun 07, 2013 02:57 AM
Hillary Sheperd
Servpro of Scarsdale / Mount Vernon - Scarsdale, NY
Co-Owner ~ Servpro of Scarsdale / Mount Vernon, NY

That's right, Kimberly.  Our Mrs. Obama is a lovely lady, like YOU!  Weren't we supposed to meet Laura with Feng Shui expertise and have lunch or dinner in Greenwich?  Going away until late June, but can we connect and chat in July, if you're not on a cruise or beach, somewhere cooler!?!

Jun 11, 2013 03:53 AM