Is it 2006 again?

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Thank you for stopping by as well.  Well I am writing this becuase it seems like we are back in 2006 again except with lower rates.  So what to think about the current market?  Well, housing supply is beyond low, rates are climbing (we had the largest movement in a month since 2008) and lending is still tight.  So should you jump in and play?  Well the answer is hard to gauge as each persons situation is different and people buy for different reasons.  One thing is for sure though, don't buy on emotion and take your time to find the "perfect home" as you will need to hold it for at least 7-10 years.  What do I mean by that?  Just like in 2006 we had a correction and we will again, so buy for the long term.  With rates, don't be surprised if the new normal is 4.25% on the 30 years which is still great in the larger picture.  Lastly make sure you work with someone who is concerned about your long term goals and needs and not their comission.  Happy hunting and thank you for reading.

Please note we do have a very large hand at play that will impact our economy huge in 2 years if it stays.



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