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You are among the first group of Real Estate professionals that we are sending this prelaunch "videonar" to.

We will begin making Homes in Your Town websites and town's available on Sept 1 2013.

We will begin selecting Charter members (200) effective June 15 th.

Expectedly, Homesinyourtopwn.com and Real Estate town Advocates will be very selective in building our Network.

This is not because we are elitist in anyway but rather, as you shall see from the attached info....our concept requires at a minimum the following..

A. An individual that will cause Town(s) residents to accept she/he as a being plausible as their..."Real Estate Town advocate"

B. An individual who has already demonstrated the skill and credibility to inspire Homesellers to list with them

C. An individual who is well suited and most willing to help us build out our Network by referring other like minded and community centric professionals

D. An individual who has the capacity and strong desire to leverage our Real Estate Town Advocates marketing System.

While we don't have any perfect system to determine who is best suited for our Network...we do reserve the right to wherever possible ...either wait for a prospective member who we (subjective as it is) believe enjoys the greatest likelihood to "leverage" our business model or chose among multiple candidates.

At all costs we will avoid seeing our Network develop merely on a first come ..first serve basis.

Our System. the towns themselves and the individuals who show interest all deserve that we do whatever we can... to select Real Estate Town Advocates who are committed to perform in a manner that validates our Network's expressed purpose.

We hope you enjoy the info we are sending you....and we deeply appreciate your honoring our new business model with your interest.

Most respectfully



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